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>  Time Tracking Project Reveals An Industry Leading "Time to respond"

HOUSTON: Time Tracking Project Reveals An Industry Leading "Time to respond". Businelle Company, LLC has wrapped up a four month study of average, internal response times. During the study, the clock started ticking the moment any request was received from a customer. These requests encompassed everything from creating new e-mail accounts and password resets, to modifying and creating website pages. "Time to complete" was tracked as the moment the task was finished, tested, and a response e-mail was sent back to the customer.


On average, the "time to respond" was 3.7 hours! "Although we can't guarantee a 3.7 hour response every time, we are very pleased that we have been able to do things so quickly on average. We have achieved this goal because ongoing customer service is our highest corporate priority. This elite level of customer care continues to differentiate us from the competition, " said Managing Partner, Greg Businelle.

>  Strategize Your Marketing Campaigns

Work harder, smarter, faster …

No one cares about your company like you do. You are up earlier, work later, invest more resources, are taxed the heaviest, and are driven by the passion of your vision. You are destined for success!


It is hard to convey this “drive” to an employee, spouse, and even a business partner in most cases. So, don’t make the mistake that many business leaders do. They delegate their marketing function or are not involved in the detail and the direction of their brand. Worse, they do not think about their “Differentiated and Vertical Marketing Strategy” at all – this is a brand dying a slow agonizing death.


A marketing mistake can cost you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars!

So, learn value marketing and the dramatic impact it can have in your business. Work smarter, harder, faster.

“The job of marketing is to sell more goods and services at higher and higher prices”.

Do you have a marketing plan for the next two years? Are you reading books about marketing? Do you have at least 3 percent of gross sales earmarked for marketing? Are you training others about your brand? Are you analyzing your messaging and brand strategy? Your customer and the market change daily. Your tactics can be outdated while your strategy is dead-on. Strategy doesn’t change often, tactics do. In the battle for the mind, the better marketer wins.


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