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Building Accessible Websites

Currently the U.S. population includes more than 54 million people with disabilities. Many of these people are unable to fully benefit from the Internet because many web sites have not been designed and built with accessibility in mind. The nationwide AIR events are designed to provide local non-profit organizations with a fully accessible web site through the efforts of professional design and development teams. AIR-Houston participants use their accessibility training to build at least 20 web sites in one day. AIR-Houston participants will enable these organizations to market their missions on the World Wide Web.

Accessible design [See: What makes a website Accessible] has a global economic impact. The 54 million Americans with disabilities have an aggregate income of $1 trillion, which includes $220 billion of discretionary spending. Worldwide, there are more than 500 million people with disabilities. Extending the reach of the Internet to half a billion people has a tremendous impact on the global economy. Simply put, global accessibility enhances companies and organizations of all sizes. It increases their customer base and improves their relationships with all customers, including those who have disabilities.

The owner of Businelle Company is on the executive board of the Houston Chapter of Knowbility and encourages adherence to its guidelines.

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